MDT Materials

This is the story of conical refraction that was discovered more
than 150 years ago and only now will come to real first applications.

It took us more than 150 years to see what Hamilton predicted as theory in 1832 at the Royal Irish Academy and Lloyd proofed by experiment in the same year. Even when he was young William Hamilton was one of the best scientists of his days. He was active as well in astronomy where he got his professor, as in mathematics and physics. Between 1827 and 1833 Hamilton published a series of papers in the Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy. It was a sensation when in 1832 he predicted the optical effect of both internal and external conical refraction, which shortly after was experimentally proofed by Rev. Humphrey Lloyd, fellow of Trinity College and professor of natural and philosophy in the university of Dublin.....

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MDT for Thins disc
MDT for ultra fast laser
MDT for conical refraction