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MDT in Thin Discs Laser Design
Thin disc lasers have advantage over tradicional solide state lasers because their thin absorbing layer minimize thermal effects on their beam quality.

Two disadvantages limit their wider presence in the market:
  • The small absorption require very complicated and expensive multipass pump system;
  • It is very difficult to handle thin crystal lamellae. During their cleaning, coating and bonding appear new technological problems.
It was demonstrated that Yb:KYW and Yb:KGdW are very promising candidates for high power CW operation in thin disc laser setup. Even better characteristics are expected from Yb:KLuW and the stoichiometric KYbW.

The main adventages of Yb:MDT over the most used at present Yb:YAG is the significantly higher absorption cross section (about 15 times) and higher doping levels. This means that the complicated multipass system is not more necessary.

We offer a full range of components to build a thin disc laser head, the heart of all being our rectangular Laser Lamella /LL/ with standard 100 um thickness. We manufacture three different ytterbium concentrations 5, 10 and 20 at.% in three MDT hosts KGdW, KYW and KLuW.

The orientation of the lamellae is along the main crystallooptical axes. The sizes of lamellae' cross sections are 45, 46 or 56 mm, where 4 is along n , 5 is along n and 6 is along p m n (n < n < n are the axes of the indicatrice index ellipsoid). g p m g We offer also two types of pump power performance low (upto 50 W) and high for more than 50 W. This reflects the polishing finish, the type of the coating (EBS or IBS), the type of the bonding (organic and metal bond), and the thickness of the copper substrate thickness (1 and 3 mm).

Further, we offer water cooled Laser Lamella Mounts, suitable for more than 100 W pump applications.
And finally you can use our Quantron as four pass pump system with pump power of 25, 50 or 100 W.
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