MDT Materials

Yb:pMDT Toward the compact ultrafast laser

Ytterbium doped passive MDT have a great potential for compact diode pumped high average power ultra- fast laser source. Among the key characteristics are:
  • Short absorption length favourable for low brightness diode pump. Relatively higher (than Yb:YAG) emission cross section prevents the mode-locked pulse train from Q-switching instabilities.
  • Broad gain bandwidth for polarisation along n . p
  • Two pump ranges high absorption near 980 nm and plateau-region at 940 nm.
  • High cubic non-linearity leading to stable self-starting Kerr-lens mode locking.
All these, but also the higher anisotropy and possible further optimisation, as well as new designs based on planar waveguides say that Yb:pMDT are real candidate for high efficient (10% electric to optical efficiency) ultrafast source.

We offer Yb slabs with:
  • Two geometry Brewster/Brewster and rectangular slab;
  • Three doping levels 5, 2.5 and 1.25 at.%;
  • Two hosts KYW and KGdW;
  • Two orientation for the polarisation of the emission along n and n ; m p
  • Various slab lengths 3, 4, 5 and 7 mm.

The thickness of 1 mm is manufactured preserving high polishing finish.
General Information
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MDT for ultra fast laser
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