The long chain of technology

Only cleanest materials from certified suppliers and platinum crucibles of highest purity can ensure a pure crystal boule.
Only the long experience of our growers combined with the best customised eletronics and machinery can guaranty such high volume boules.
Due to the high anisotropy structure of MDT crystals only very precise orientation will lead to maximum results.
Stress free crystals cut by ultra precise machinery allow even finest structure.
Specially developed technologies allow the polishing of laser lamella with thickness of even less than µm.
We know to handle ultra thin laser lamella and can mount it for you on specially designed heatsinks.
We offer a large range of standard sizes and orientations for our MDT-crystals. Different doping materials like Nd, Yb are available as well as different concentrations. Doping with Tm or Er can be done as special order.
To ensure maximum specified performance we offer certified, mounted and testet crystal as well as ready quantrons for many different diode pumped configurations.